Agassiz Street Procession

Kira Clingen and Edyth Jostol
February 2 - March 2, 2019

Limb, pressed leave casted in concrete, details. Courtesy of the artists. 

Agassiz Street Procession is a site-specific installation that temporally and spatially distorts the location of BAAA Gallery on Agassiz Street. Playing with both physical and temporal scale, this exhibition immerses the viewer in the history of woody plants on Agassiz Street and in the broader New England. The artists create a journey in the space and guide the viewer through five different small rooms in whch they beautifully represent our proximate nature.

Foundation presents an abstracted material study that speaks to the general geological and environmental conditions of Cambridge, introducing the idea of street trees and the natural environment on Agassiz Street.

Procession mirrors Agassiz Street by recreating seven trees that currently exist on Agassiz Street.

In Stand, viewer will be surrounded with Carbon Storage Locker, floor-to-ceiling height wall paper with hand-stamped trees of New England.

Limb displays four pressed leaves casted in concrete.

Canary exhibits eight pressed leaves from different tree species. Collected in Cambridge, the leaves represent the street and yard plantings on and around Agassiz Street within Cambridge.

After the journey, the viewers will exit through the door that will re-introduces them to the real streetscape of Agassiz Street. This immersive experience provides the viewers to reflect on their own presence in our transformation of urban space. Through Agassiz Street Procession, Clingen and Jostol contemplate and question our role in the current environmental crisis.

Working between ecology, art, and design, Kira Clingen seeks to distill ecological data into new forms of visual communication, offering alternative futures and speculation into our environmental future. As a designer and artist, Edyth Jostol researches on the memories and identities associated with space, the transfiguration of the banal into significance, and the motivations behind spatial memory making.


This exhibit was curated and prepared by BAAA Gallery. Graphic works are done by BAAA BOOKS, the gallery’s in-house design studio founded to serve artists with photo/video documentation, poster, catalog, book, and exhibition design. 

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With the Artists:
Kiran Clingen and Edyth Jostol 
Sunday, February 10, 2-5pm

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